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NextLevelUp – proudly holding this pretty cool title, this actually is a 2-years long EU mobility project, which (thanks heavens ;-) is not a typical example for an EU funded activity.

NextLevelUp is a project dedicated to exploration of the current state and development of Gaming Education and works towards improving of the provision of this highly specialized Education! Or in another words, what skills needs a young professional to acquire and develop in order to first build his job profile and second (and most importantly) get piled with job offers from the top industry players in gaming?

NextLevelUp actually has the very practical objective to identify current and future skills and competencies gaps in mobile and video games industry across Europe with the future goal to find the solutions to fill these gaps.


The better part is that we at TCS Digital World, being an innovative SoLoMo-driven SME, have the great chance to work on it together with both academic, industry and research-oriented partners: Birmingham City University and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe from the UK, Evolaris from Austria, Tension Graphics (Playground Squad) from Sweden, Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV) from the Netherlands.

So what we are aiming to be busy with in the coming two years?

Of course we aim to build a strong Game Curriculum network between partners, share best practices and engage with other networks and organizations regarding games skills. Practically we aim to agree a method of highlighting skills gaps relating back to the industry requirements; review curriculum and learning materials by sharing training methods and identifying innovative and effective teaching and learning methods.

At the last stage NextLevelUp will result in the production of a Manifesto introducing quality benchmarks for Education and Job Skills necessary for the successful Games Development Professional.

The project would aim to support the development of qualifications framework in relation to European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and of course share best practices of collaboration between academic bodies, training facilities, career couching organizations and the industry itself.

So, fingers crossed for having good results! Very very soon – with our NextLevelUp website and social media channels where you can track all the events where you can find us and join us :-) to exchange some key findings.



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