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Old things are old just for the ones living in their own present. New are the things which we don't know or others around us don't yet know. But is the new to us new at all in the big picture? And is the old for us old for all and through every moment in time?

Probably not. Just like social media channels turn into markets where brands push their messages and people try to avoid some and live with some, the same way people on the streets were given flyers or showing off theirs hats decades ago. Because both self-marketing and product (-services)-marketing has always been there and will always be there.

How much can we change the way people think about communications? Probably little. Because spaces to trade and comprehend messages might be different (offline and online), but people still remain...Human. Naturally more distant and more 'afraid' of the physical reality, many believe people change because of the online space. That they are there even more so, because they feel more protected, anonymous, safe and undisturbed from such unwanted pokes like telemarketing or direct sales.

But that's just the opposite.

Imagine a day without looking at your e-mail. Now image a day without Facebook. Your favorite online news website. Online ratio. Without checking brainless videos on YouTube.

That would be the day in which people would accept the truth and say - yes, we are not safe from advertising and marketing, just as we weren't 100 years ago on a crowded open market in town...And yes, I'm not showing off my new hat.



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