My personal 3D Aladin Lamp Appeared! PDF Print E-mail

This is my vizualisation for the perfect lamp with 3D story! Special greeting for the ladies during the long nights and of course fans of you-know-which-gossip-girl ;))d

Thanks to the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner for inspiring me and to i.materialise for innovating a real experience!

The Series, that can really Kill you PDF Print E-mail

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is one of the rarest fantasy series written ever. Not only in 2010. Or in 2009. And not only in the presence but also in the future of at least the 10 coming years. To be honest, the second and the third books, City of Ashes and City of Glass, are the most amazing titles in that genre, which I have read in the last couple of years.

GDP and happiness: A worthwhile combination? PDF Print E-mail

After following the hot discussions on the panels of the Salzburg Trialogue 2010 as an observer without the solid knowledge about the GDP and its connection to the happiness measurement, I was convinced that the subject is too abstract and complicated to comprehend - till 25th of October 2010.

Dis/Enable the sustainable Cancun? PDF Print E-mail

We all ask ourselves if there is some point in the next high level Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP).

As we have seen the results and the lack of big resolutions after the end of COP15, we all doubt about the affluence of the coming big and arduous event in Cancun, Mexico next year. Do we need a huge offline conference, which by all chance will end up with a remarkable footprint? Not a moral but a Carbon one?

Being open to the future, maybe we can try to have a different perspective to COP16.

В небесата на ада/рая? PDF Print E-mail

Ако се чудите как точно се получава, че имате приятели, които все някак си намират финансите да се отправят съвсем внезапно (на пръв поглед) на пътешествие до Париж или Дубай например, а после се оплакват, че останали без пари баш насред лятната почивка, то ключът е точно под носа ви – нискобюджетни полети и планиране минимум месец преди това, ако е в същия континент и планиране година предварително, ако е в друг/и континент/и. Дали обаче можете да си го позволите откъм времево планиране, нерви и яснота какво ще ви се случи другия декември? Както знаем, най-хубавите пътувания са внезапните – уикенд с любимия? Супер! Стига да не се качите обаче на един не-толкова-очакван борд и да стигнете за същия този уикенд.


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