A Dream Came True PDF Print E-mail

I open my eyes and see I'm dreaming,

I reach my hand to try to see it... but then instead I reach the sky.

My dream came true. I can fly. So far that I can reach the sky beyond the Earth.

Mobile Payments and Virtual Currencies: The Emergence of the New Mobile Products and Services - Intro PDF Print E-mail

Master Thesis in Communication Studies – New Media and Society in Europe


The following Master thesis is build upon three core thematic pillars: the business models for mobile payments, the concept of virtual currencies, and the choice for the implementation of the first two within business models for the creation of new products and services for mobile.

The thesis explores how the rapid development of mobile ICTs influences the different stakeholder groups and the creation of new business opportunities for mobile.

A key aim is the discovery of the driving forces, responsible for the choice of the concrete m-payment method, the related technology and the respective payment medium allowed – both conventional and virtual currencies. This choice is the natural basis in the development of the business models for the creation of new products or services for mobile.

Several examples of products and services for mobile using m-payments and/or virtual currencies from the EU market landscape would be overviewed. Two Belgian business models for new services will be explored. The first the Belgian case study will look into the already commercial service, while the second one is looking into the currently developed business model for a new service to be introduced in the coming 2 years.

eGovernment and eProcurement: to be or not to be PDF Print E-mail

The background

The Bangemann report1 from 1994 puts a special emphasize on the launching of the information society era through the introduction to the concept of the pan-European network for public-information interchange, today known under the term eGovernment within the program of the Digital Agenda for Europe2 (DA).

Outlined as application №9 in the BR, the trans-European public administration network encompasses in itself a subset of other applications. One of them is the separately described application №8 for the creation of European electronic tendering network.

One may ask how it comes that the eProcurement network application precedes the general trans-European public administration network in its numbering. Part of the main issues concerning the success of all types of public administration networks including the ones for eProcurement is rooted exactly in the design of the models for these two policies, a model that appear to separate and disconnect contextually related issues. Instead of showing the interdependencies and interrelatedness, the distinction of the policies’ (and respective applications/systems) is overemphasized within the applications’ (Bangemann report) and actions’ (DA) descriptions then and today.

Online Sales of Counterfeits: Is it about collaboration or delegation (of responsibility) ? PDF Print E-mail

Being in Brussels has its few advantages one of which is being the place where you can actually hear both real lobbyists and experts from the very same industry players thinking differently about crucial for our times topics such as facing the fight with counterfeits.

Despite of its noble idea to be a policy debate the today's event at the European Parliament "Online Sales of Counterfeits: Taking up the gauntlet" was rather a responsibilities' throwing-to-each-other-the-ball game.

For those of you who wonder what issue the topic was foreseen to tackle, it was the different viewpoints on the question who has to actually take over the real responsibility for the prevention of online sales of counterfeits. However, the dialogue (rather than debate) ended up into a commentary of the importance of tackling the issue of having counterfeits in the first place and not so much the fact that we talk about their allocation within the digital market environment.

NFCme: SOLOMO as a business model PDF Print E-mail

The world of digital changes. What sells today is the value of connectivity and mobility.

The importance of mobile, social and location is gradually growing towards a such multitude of business configurations that is transforming the classic format of strategic partnerships into an interconnected ecosystem of products, services and people.

On March the 30th I'd have the pleasure to focus on a particular part of the mobile domain: NFC in relation to the SOLOMO model, which just now began to be largely explored by both start-ups and large multinationals. I'd be happy to see you in beautiful Prague on NFCme and discuss how can you have fun on the web and still make a difference.


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